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Our Aim, Timeline, Vision, Media and Imprint

Since initial concept design and market research in 2012, NnBU remains an inovation endeavor. In 2014 we pioneered the idea of after birth care for c-section newborn babies and filed our first patents. Then in 2016, the NnBU GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany with the goal to develop the world first functional prototype.

The patent for the device was granted to NnBU GmbH at 3rd April 2018 by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.invest

On 19th September 2018 we received confirmation being registratered in the BMWi INVEST database for use of the INVEST eligibility logo under the "INVEST - Venture capital grant" measure
(Registrierung in der INVEST-Datenbank des BMWi und Verwendung des INVEST-Förderfähigkeitslogos im Rahmen der Maßnahme "INVEST - Zuschuss für Wagniskapital").

The foundations and aspirations of our business remain true to those established by our visionary founders, and their innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration.

Our passion and entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver for any c-section born baby the possibility to ease and reduce disadvantages related with this form of birth by bridging the gap between the natural birth method and the c-section.

Our Aim

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Finalize the design,
certify it, and
prepare it for

Prepare the plant in
which the device
would be assembled
from components
and tested

Hire the full
management team
and cover the initial
working capital
until the Company has a
positive cash flow

Allow for the
expenditure to get
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NnBU seeks to collect the necessary funds by teaming up
with venture capital investors.
Milestones are clearly identified.


We will reward investors with an
attractive share of our
business ownership.


Investors in our project will be rewarded
by having the right to
claim 20% of the invested funds back from the
BMWi INVEST. Although attractive exit relief at a later stage
is covered by the BMWi model.


The target for our capital raise is to collect 11mEUR in total. The development phase is staggered into three major phases with a NTC of 5.5mEUR in total (which can be agreed as milestones). The investors participate in a later sale of the company or benefit from the sales margin in case the market entry will be performed by NnBU.

Developing and marketing a reliable and safety medical equipment to “kick-start” and support initial breathing as well as many other hormonally controlled processes directly after every c-section delivery.

While C-sections used to be associated solely with emergency situations, many women now elect to have this surgery either due to the advice of their doctors or simply by choice. In recent years, this practice of elective C-section has increased – in fact, across a number of Western countries the rate of C-section births has risen on average from 19.8% in 2000 to 27.9% in 2015.

C-sections pose a risk to babies due to the fact that the processes of a natural birth are not recreated. With a cesarean birth there is a risk that the baby is not ideal and above all immediately switched to life outside the uterus, since various adaptation processes are not properly triggered. Furthermore, it is possible that diseases are promoted by the lack of intestinal stimulation. The risk of developing babies with late-onset obesity is greatly increased.


Our Timeline

Funds received (t = 0)
Development of the medical device in
cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA;
Device certification by DMTpe GmbH;
Global intellectual property

protection within 18 - 24 month;


Entry into market (t = 3)
Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH)
market entry;

Entry into market (t = 4)
France & Benelux market entry;


Entry into market (t = 4,5)
Brasil & Argentina market entry;

Entry into market (t = 5)
Mexico market entry;


Entry into market (t = 5,25)
US and Canada market entry;I

Entry into market (t = 5,5)Entry into market (t = 5,5)
Other European countries (UK, Italy,
Portugal, Spain, Poland, Hungary,
Slovakia, Czech Republic) market entry;


Entry into market (t = 5,75)
Turkey and Egypt market entry

Entry into market (t = 6,75)
China, India and Indonesia market entry



Our Vision

Petra Sacher, gynaecologist and medical advisor to NnBU, said, “As I am confronted on a daily basis with the consequences of C-Sections on babies, the path of the NnBU device is just right. Such direct treatment should, in my opinion and that of my colleagues, become an urgent global standard in Caesarean delivery.

NnBU, the after-care treatment by nature for each c-section delivered baby.

The idea behind is simple: When the baby is born naturally, the chest compresses as it comes through the birth canal which “kick-starts” the breathing and many other hormonally controlled processes .

A recent study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that babies delivered by C-section have a 59% higher risk of obesity under the age of 5, and a 21% increased risk of asthma under the age of 12. These results come after a review of 80 studies and trials that collectively looked at 29 million births.

The specialist medical team at NnBU are working in collaboration with the largest European research organization for applied research, the Fraunhofer Institute and the experts for medical device engineering from DMTpe.

Both companies are based in Germany and will be highly involved in launching the world’s first neonatal birth unit to improve the outcome for babies born via C-section.

NnBU adds major natural birth advantages directly after each c-section delivered newborn - lifelong benefits


Our Management

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Frederic V

Founder & Managing Partner
Appointed in October 2016 to the NnBU core team

Frederic is an experienced executive and a specialist in new business with a track record of success and shareholder value in global organizations across diverse territories.

Recently, Frederic was Director of Business Development and International Affairs at Lufthansa.

Johannes Schenck

Founder & Managing Partner
Appointed in October 2016 to the NnBU core team

Johannes is one of the co-inventors behind the creation of NnBU the device back in 2012.

Johannes spent decades at the German based Fielmann AG, where he was responsible for developing holistic recruiting and education concepts for apprentices while representing the company on EU wide affairs.


Claus Peters

Founder & Managing Partner
Appointed in October 2016 to the NnBU core team.

He is one of the co-inventors behind the creation of the NnBU device back in 2012.

He has a strong track record of developing complex aeronautical equipment as Head of Design and Development from 2001 to 2006 at a major Airbus supplier and from 206 to 2015 he was a Sales Representative for Lufthansa Technik for the African region.


Our Advisors

ps haeberle kupfer

Petra Sacher

Medical Advisor
Petra is a gynaecologist with many years of experience in delivering babies. She worked until 2016 as a doctor n the St. Adolph Stift hospital in Reinbek on the maternity unit.

Whilst there she assisted in the birth of approximately 2500 babies. In 2017 she founded her own doctor’s office in Reinbek. She provides a wealth of experience and insight into C-sections.

Jürgen Haeberle

CEO/co-founder and partner of DMT GmbH
Jürgen Haeberle is a specialist in the field of pediatrics, pregnancy and birth monitoring.

He achieved a degree in precision mechanics and medical engineering from Ulm University of Applied Science, Germany, and developed the first functional pregnancy wave simulator for Hewlett-Packard. Jürgen co-founded DMT
GmbH which develops innovative medical
products and follows them from conception to completion.

Dr med Claudia Kupferschmidt

Medical Advisor
Claudia has extensive experience through working in the Departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) over the last two decades.

She studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Charité Humboldt-University in Berlin. Since 2009, Claudia has worked as a freelance gynaecologist and specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics for various medical practices, as well as working as a consultant in a medical ultrasound simulation company.

NnBU, the after-care treatment by nature for each c-section delivered baby. Inspired by nature.


Our Media

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10437 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 176 32251673
E-Mail: info@nnbu.de
Internet: http://www.nnbu.de

Chief Executive Officer

Frederic V
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