...the natural birth after C-section

Natural birth after C-section

Introducing the new NnBU device! Information you need to support NnBU to improve outcomes for the smallest patients, the obstetrician and clinic-enterprises; including access to healt-data backed by block-chain data. Expanded revenue through NnBU device situated at hospitals - to help obstetrical units be more efficiently.

WHAT is it?
A patented, first of its kind, healthcare device that provides postnatal treatments directly after babies Caesarean section (also called C-section) deliveries.

The NnBU bridges the gap between C-section and natural birth by merging them.
WHAT are we talking ABOUT?
250 newborns worldwide - every minute
370.000 newborns per day
11.000.000 newborns per month - each month
30%+ C-sections in EU and North America
80%+ C-sections in many urban areas
750 annual C-sections per mid-size-clinic
14.700 clinics worldwide estimated
60.000 NnBU devices needed
€1.740.000.000 total sales volume
HOW does it WORK?  
The unique NnBU device, situated in hospitals and clinics, used straight after baby’s birth, seeks to reproduce part of positive stresses in a controlled manner. This gives the baby the benefits of a natural birth, even though they were born by C-section

Baby's torso is in contact with pressure exerting elements which gently massage the baby to imitate the stresses exerted during a natural labor. This also supports the drainage of fetal lung-water to further kick-start initial hormone controlled processes and to support the transition to baby’s new environment.

During vaginal delivery, the contact with the maternal vaginal and intestinal flora is an important source for the start of the infant's colonization. During C-section, this direct contact is absent, and non-maternally derived environmental bacteria play an important role for infants’ intestinal colonization. The NnBU device provides the functionality to dispense this flora, which was extracted and enriched by professional pharmaceutics company’s prior C-section.
WHY is it GOOD for the BABY?
The NnBU device will ensure that the majority of disadvantages related to C-section delivery can be mitigated simply by bridging the gap between natural birth and the C-section.

C-sections pose a risk to NEONATES due to the fact that the processes of a natural birth are not recreated. With a cesarean birth there is a risk that the baby is not ideal and above all immediately switched to life outside the uterus, since various adaptation processes are not properly triggered.
Furthermore, it is possible that diseases are promoted by the lack of intestinal stimulation. The risk of developing babies with late-onset obesity is greatly increased.
WHAT do we NEED to complete?  
We need YOU! A strategic and visionary Venture Partner joining and challenging NnBU to finalise the development a certified device and start Sales and Marketing World Wide

The development phase itself can be divided into milestones to be achieved; however the total NTC (need-to-complete) is 5.500.000 EUR/USD. The time-to-market is 18 to 24 month max.

The market entry phase can follow straight after the device has received its offical certification and requires additional 6m EUR. A detailled market entry strategy is available and a high level overview is displyed here.

Please refer to our detailed Pitch-Deck for more details.
WHO will buy such DEVICE and WHY?
Every obstetrics clinic worldwide is a potential buyer of the device. We are fully convinced of the need for a medical solution that can be used immediately after birth to compensate for the disadvantages of having a cesarean delivery in comparison to a natural birth. This belief is shared in surveys.

The revenue of each c-section can easily be increased by approx. EUR 1.000 by making use of the NnBU device. A major cost advantage for each delivery unit to stabelize internal cost demands.
Medical research indicates that babies born by C-section) have a greater incidence of certain chronic medical conditions than those experiencing a natural birth.

It is thought this is because the stresses inherent in a natural birth activate both the baby’s immune system and ensure that the newborn’s breathing and other natural processes are fully functioning.
NnBU - the aftercare treatment by nature for each c-section delivered baby.